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asian inspired bar food


jackfruit roll up ~ $8 ~ korean spiced and seared jackfruit with sriracha sauce, fresh cabbage and carrots rolled into a scallion pancake

open sesame ~ $5/1 or $9/2 ~spicy soy curls topped with sesame slaw wrapped in a tortilla

bao ~ $8/3 steamed bun filled with our special of the week, bbq jackfruit, thin sliced hoisin gochujang mushrooms, tofu char sui, etc 

gobi-wings ~ $6~ lightly battered, fried cauliflower served in a spicy manchurian sauce and topped with cilantro and green onions

samosa wontons ~ $7/5 fried wonton filled with indian spiced potato, peas and raisins 

rangoon ~ $7/5 fried wontons filled with roasted red pepper, green onions and cashew tofu cream chz

fried spring roll ~$3/2~ cabbage, carrots, and bean sprouts rolled and golden fried

topo chico~$2




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We’re open 6-11pm Tuesday-Saturday  

1208 Chicon Street

Austin, TX

Call or text us! 512-902-0707